Razrbar Confidential

Introducing RAZRBAR Confidential

For the last five years, we’ve been obsessed with helping guys look and feel their best with fresh haircuts, close shaves and an overall remarkably cool grooming experience. Today we’re excited to announce the latest extension of RAZRBAR services, “RAZRBAR Confidential”, a steady series of hand-picked tips, ideas and advice designed to help guys operate at the top of their game. We’ll cover style & grooming tips, of course, but also feature many other relevant and local topics to keep you well informed — right here on the newly christened RAZRBAR blog and a bimonthly email delivered straight to your inbox, forever free.

Since we opened RAZRBAR in 2012, we’ve had this idea to be your barber, your bartender and your butler. We’ve got the first of those three going strong. The same might be said for the second too. But we’re starting to take the next step to deliver a mix of James Bond cool and Alfred Pennyworth to help you be your best you.

So what can you expect out of RAZRBAR Confidential?

We’ll profile local distilleries and craft breweries. We’ll tap our staff for expert grooming techniques. We’ll highlight off-the-beaten path local restaurants, taverns and more. We’ll share expert insights on things such as nail maintenance, beard trends, cooking techniques, cufflinks, made-to-measure dress shirts, local sports, cigars, and more. Said differently, if it can help you look good, stay sharp or enjoy yourself, we’ll feature it.

So sit back, relax, stay tuned and subscribe to RAZRBAR Confidential.