Holiday Wear Doesn’t Have to be Ugly

In recent years, the garishly ugly sweater has taken over holiday wear. Sure, the trend started out as funny, but now that we’re a few years into it, it’s just sort of tired. (That is unless you opt for Crossing Broad’s “The First Joel,” which will never go out of style.)  

holiday wear joel embiid

But some holiday occasions require a sharper look, no matter how ironically hilarious your ugly sweater is. That’s why we wrangled up some of our go-to items to help you look your best this holiday season.


For the holiday party that’s a little more formal, a tie sets a smart tone. Our recommendation is to steer clear of anything loud or cartoony and instead opt for a classic style. Start with this tartan look from Brooks Brothers.


There’s something about cufflinks that just feels… cool. Maybe it’s the added weight. Or maybe it’s the fact that someone will almost always notice them. Whatever it is, like a sharp tie, cufflinks are a nice touch during the holiday season. Comb Etsy for endless one-of-a-kind options.


Allow us to introduce what we like to call the flask spectrum. On the low end, you have your your standard tin container. Maybe it’s dented. Maybe it’s silver plating is chipping. What this flask says is “I need to carry my own booze.” That’s not a good look. On the high end are refined works of art. Leather-bound flasks. Monogrammed flasks. Flasks encased in rich mahogany. The point is this: if you’re up for carrying a flask, make it a good one. Oh, and fill it with something top shelf.


It gets cold here in southeastern Pennsylvania, so we’re going to talk about topcoats. It’s silly to rely on a blazer to keep you warm. And it’s even sillier to pull a parka or your everyday jacket over your dapper holiday attire. Instead, invest in a topcoat. Our favorite is the Bonobos Stretch Italian Wool. It comes in a couple different colors but there’s nothing sharper than camel. Yes, it’s almost $600, but a good topcoat lasts forever. (Our marketing guy had his grandfather’s tailored to fit. He’s pretty sure he wore it to JFK’s inauguration.)


Socks have enjoyed a bit of a renaissance lately as the article that can show a little personality. Go bright. Go wild. Go bold. (Just be sure to avoid socks that are predominantly white. It looks amateur.) And a word to the wise: you don’t have to spend a lot on holiday socks. It’s not like you’re going to wear them that often. Even a cheap pair will last a few years. Browse around Joy of Socks or even Target.

As they say in the cable news when they’re up against a break, we’ll have to leave it there. Here’s to you looking sharp this holiday season.

P.S. – RAZRBAR has no relationship with the products or brands mentioned in this article. It’s just stuff we like.