5 Thanksgiving Whiskey Recommendations

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and to just about all of us, that means turkey, stuffing, curiously cylindrical cranberry dishes, green beans, mashed potatoes, and pie. However, to a percentage of us, Thanksgiving also presents the opportunity to sip some whiskey. Who wouldn’t enjoy stepping out from the heat of the kitchen into the cool evening to catch up with friends and family over a little bit of bourbon or rye?

That’s exactly why we rounded up our current favorite whiskeys for you to enjoy this Thanksgiving. Cheers…

Keystone Whiskey (Manatawny Still Works | Pottstown, PA)

We are going stay in our own “backyard” first with Keystone Whiskey. It is “comprised of several different batches and aged in premium American oak cooperage for 12 to 25 months.” That’s a whiskey expert’s way of saying it tastes great. If you’re a Pennsylvanian, you can order online or pick up at the Pottstown Still Works. Not local? You can still order online, unless you live in a bunch of states that either don’t want you to have craft whiskey or have a thing against ecommerce.

Four Grain Bourbon (Bluebird Distilling | Phoenixville, PA)

Another great local option in southeastern Pennsylvania, this bourbon is a staple. Balanced and not at all overpowering, sip Four Grain neat in order to maximize its warming effects while you hang out outside with your brothers-in-law, uncles and of-age cousins.


Image via Bluebird Distilling Instagram


Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon (Wild Turkey Distilling Company | Lawrenceburg, KY)

Wild Turkey’s upper-shelf play is flat out worth it. Think twice (and then think again) about mixing it with anything and consider enjoying it after your Thanksgiving feast. Why hold off? It’s not weak: Russell’s Reserve single barrel bourbon is 110-proof. Even sipping it before dinner might encourage you to throw caution to the wind and spark a political discussion at the table.

Booker’s Bourbon (James B. Beam Distilling Co. | Clermont, KY)

Booker’s Bourbon is delicious. It is also strong (as high as 130-proof) and not cheap (in the ballpark of $65-$70). But again, it’s delicious. Proceed as you so desire.

Larceny ( Old Fitzgerald Distillery | Bardstown, KY)

Larceny checks all the boxes for the casual bourbon drinker. It’s a comfortable strength (92-proof). It won’t break the bank (you can usually find it for under $30). It’s versatile (sip it neat, throw in an ice cube or two or use it in a mixed drink).

However you enjoy your Thanksgiving, please do so responsibly. And if you try any of these and want to see them in the RAZRBAR Bourbon Room, let us know!